We empower Texas businesses with our social media marketing services

As a business owner, you already know how powerful of a tool social media is. As it has been seen over the past 20 years, an effective social media marketing campaign can shape the success of your business. However, keeping up with the ever-changing social media landscape & trends can be overwhelming for small business owners. That’s where the XTX Social Media Team steps in: we can do it for you.

Social media marketing & social media management for businesses in Dallas, TX

All the key platforms

The XTX Social Media Team will manage your Facebook®, Instagram®, X (formerly known as Twitter®), TikTok®, LinkedIn®, and Pinterest® accounts. Whether it is one, two, or all of the platforms, we know how to leverage your social media presence & take it to the next level.

We got it handled

At XTX Creative, we want you to focus on what you do best—running your business. We’ll dedicate the time and energy to your social media efforts, including managing your social profiles. We stay up-to-date with the latest changes in social media to ensure that you’re not left behind.

More than just posts

As your social media manager, we do more than just make social media posts. We craft a robust social communication campaign designed to capitalize on opportunities and deliver results through increased engagement and relationship-building with new & existing customers.

The XTX 4-Step for Social Media Management

First, we learn about you

At XTX, we always start off with getting to know about you and your business. Our goal is to have a comprehensive understanding of your business, your industry, and your goals and objectives.

Next, we assess your presence

After the learning stage, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your current social media presence, or if you don’t have one, the social media presence of your competitor(s). We want to know where you currently stand.

Then, we develop a new strategy

Now, we’re going to develop a customized social media marketing and management plan that aligns with your vision, ensuring that your social media efforts fit the targets you have set for your business.

Finally, we execute the plan

Once we assume the management of your social media accounts, the XTX Social Media Team can begin implementing our strategy. We handle the content creation, scheduling, and engagement.

Social media is an invaluable tool that will help maximize the impact of your brand online

No matter how much social media may change, one thing remains constant: it is an indispensable aspect of modern business. It is essential that you harness the power of social media to improve your brand’s success. If you fall behind on your social media efforts, you will fall behind your competitors.

The XTX Social Media team has the knowledge & expertise to help your business thrive in the digital landscape with robust social media management .From strategy to execution, we’ve got your social media needs covered, leaving you with the time and peace of mind to focus on growing your business.

What do our social media marketing services include?

  • Full-time, done-for you management of your accounts on Facebook®, Instagram®, X (formerly known as Twitter®), TikTok®, LinkedIn®, and/or Pinterest®. Just tell us which one(s) you would like for us to handle.
  • Regular & scheduled posts—tell us what you would like to communicate!
  • Content creation (including graphics and video) to spur interest & engagement.
  • Monthly reports so that you can be up-to-date on the progress of your social media campaign.
  • Available monthly strategy calls to review social media performance and discover ways to further enhance your campaign.

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