About XTX

Chris B.

Agency Owner | Founder | Web Designer | Graphic Designer | Marketer

Chris has been designing websites since he was a bored 13 year old in 2001, and developing exclusively in WordPress since 2011. He focuses on problem-solving functionality, meeting the client’s goals & objectives, and creating online destinations that engage and convert. Aside from designing & developing websites, Chris structures digital marketing campaigns and design print & digital marketing collateral. A graduate of the University of Houston, Chris works out of both Houston & Dallas. If he’s not in front of a computer, he is either at an Astros game or working on visual art.

Chelsea A.

Project & Account Manager for Greater Houston | Social Media Manager & Email Marketer for Greater Houston

When it comes to managing social media and email marketing campaigns, few do it better than Chelsea. With a decade of experience as a social media & email marketing specialist, Chelsea has the incredible ability to create campaigns that enhance brand visibility, nurture leads, and turn curious clicks into revenue-generating conversions. Plus, she is an expert project manager who works with clients from start to completion. An alumnus of the University of Texas at San Antonio, Chelsea is a dog lover, foodie, and intrepid traveler. Chelsea joined XTX in 2022.

Ashley G.

Agency Manager | Business Consultant & Strategist

Through her company BWA Consulting, Ashley has helped entrepreneurs across Texas see the forest for the trees and put their businesses on the right track. She is a hands-on, conscious business consultant that will ensure your digital marketing strategy is in sync with your overall business goals & objectives. A former executive in the home construction industry, Ashley offers unique perspective to business owners like you. A native Houstonian, Ashley loves spending time with her children & traveling. Ashley joined XTX in 2023.

Sandra B.

Project & Account Manager for Central Texas | Social Media Manager & Email Marketer for Central Texas

For over 30 years, Sandra has worked in sales and marketing in various capacities. Possessing essential skills such as intuition, sensitivity, organization, and multi-tasking, Sandra is a highly-proficient digital marketing strategist based in the Austin-area. She knows how essential it is to stay relevant and up-to-date with today’s marketing trends. She became part of XTX in 2023.

Chelle R.

Quality Control Manager

Chelle has a wealth of experience as a customer relations and quality control manager. She is a thoughtful, detail-oriented, and always works hard to find a solution for the client. Chelle routinely checks each XTX-managed website to ensure that it is performing to expectations. Chelle joined XTX in 2022.

Asem S.

Graphic Designer | Branding

Amanda W.

Founder | XTX Writing Team

Amanda is one of the original founders of XTX, with

John G.

XTX Writing Team

Madison S.

XTX Writing Team

Hamza N.

XTX Writing Team

Hamza has been a content writer since 2018 and has worked for all types of industries. He graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. His writing focuses on providing precision, accuracy, and relatability for his audience, no matter the subject.