Get the right leads for your Texas business with PPC advertising

If you need a faster way to get qualified leads for your business, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is still the one of most effective methods available. XTX Creative is pleased to offer PPC advertising management services to our web design clients. This paid digital advertising strategy is an excellent way to kick off your online marketing efforts!

Lead Generation PPC Management Services for Dallas, TX Businesses

Local Leads PPC

Get them in the door. Most local businesses, regardless of industry, can benefit from bespoke lead generation PPC campaigns. We can set up campaigns that target specific cities, counties, neighborhoods, and zip codes.

National Exposure PPC

Show up nationwide. Expand your brand across the country with a nationwide pay-per-click campaign that can target the right consumers based upon behavior, interests, income, market area, and more.

E-Commerce Ad PPC

Connect with customers. Our partners have experience in helping e-commerce stores sell more products through advertising on Google Shopping platforms and other comparison search engines (CSE), including Microsoft & Facebook.

PPC is a powerful way to boost your brand’s online success

Pay-per-click advertising can offer immediate and measurable results. With this approach, you can strategically advertise your products & services at the right place and the right time in front of the right people. XTX Creative and our partners have the expertise in setting up various types of PPC campaigns, including Google® Ads, Facebook® Ads, and Microsoft® (Bing®) Ads.

The XTX 4-Step for PPC Management

Campaign management

The XTX Creative PPC Team & our partners will handle every aspect of your campaign, from keyword research and ad creation to bid management and performance tracking.

Customized strategies

Your PPC campaign will be personalized to align with your business goals and target audience, ensuring optimal performance and a positive ROI.

Data-driven approach

We don’t believe in throwing things up against the wall and seeing if it sticks. Our PPC Team & partners employ a data-driven approach to your campaign, eliminating waste and inefficiencies in your advertising efforts.

Measurable results

Know what’s going on with your campaign with detailed analytics and reporting. You will be provided with transparency and insights into the performance of your PPC campaigns so you can make informed decisions.

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PPC + SEO: A powerful combination for Texas businesses

At XTX Creative, we understand that some businesses want both time-sensitive returns on marketing efforts while also making long-term investments in online visibility. You can accomplish both of these goals with an integrated marketing campaign that combines pay-per-click advertising and an organic SEO campaign. By using both approaches, you can improve your ROI, expand your targeting, generate more leads and sales, and boost brand awareness.

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Expand your visibility with supplementary campaigns to add your PPC marketing

YouTube® Ads

When it comes to increasing awareness, YouTube videos are an excellent way to introduce your brand or business to a wider audience. We can help you set up 15 second bumper ads or longer skippable ads that play before or during videos.

Google® Display Network

Take advantage of stretching your daily advertising budget by harnessing the power of Google’s extensive Display Network. This asset-driven marketing strategy will get your ads visible on various websites within Google’s ad network.

Multi-Platform Advertising

Don’t limit yourself to just one platform. For our larger budget clients, we recommend expanding their advertising campaign to be deployed across multiple platforms, including all major social networks and more.

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But everything starts with a brand new site

Let XTX Creative help you navigate the world of PPC advertising. To take advantage of our lead generation & product sale PPC services, you will need a new, powerful site built by the XTX Website Team.

  • Fully-customized web design
  • Optimized for your national SEO campaign
  • Responsive across mobile & desktop browsers
  • Adheres to best practices

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