Whether you’re a recent startup, a local business, a nonprofit, or any small organization wanting to reach the perfect audience, cutting through the noise of the digital age is key. Finding marketing solutions for a limited budget might seem daunting, but here are some options that won’t break the bank — in fact, some are free!

  1. Create a free Google Business account. When someone searches for the product or service you offer, having a Google Business listing shows you’re the real deal. It’s also very important when trying to reach a local audience.
  2. Connect on a personal level through social media. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even TikTok are indispensable tools for growing your business. Not only can you create engaging content like infographics and videos, but you can also have a dialogue with potential customers.

Google Business and social media also offer people the opportunity to leave reviews, which builds trust in your brand. While negative reviews are a possibility, responding to them in a prompt, courteous, and helpful way gives you the chance to show integrity.

  1. Network at industry-specific events. What better place to find open ears than at an event geared toward the field you serve? You may even form some strategic partnerships, which leads us to #4…
  2. Embrace cross-promotion. While few businesses are likely to join hands with a direct competitor, a business that fills a different niche in your industry can be a great marketing partner. If you manufacture camping stoves, why not swap some promotion with a company that sells tents (you know, the one you met at the industry event)?
  3. Create content by writing a blog. You have a particular area of expertise that allowed you to get your organization off the ground. Sharing your knowledge through a blog adds value to your brand.
  4. Not great at writing? Try videos. Product “unboxings,” how-tos, and other informational content gives people greater insight into what you have to offer.
  5. Give a hand to your community. Depending upon your budget, you could sponsor a charity event, or just join a “fun run” in a branded t-shirt.
  6. Build an email list and use it wisely. According to the U.S. Consumer Trend Report, most people still enjoy getting weekly emails from their favorite brands. That includes more than half of the notoriously skeptical Gen Z and two-thirds of Millennials.
  7. Offer promotions and/or giveaways. This one seems simple, since people love free and discounted stuff, but you can take it a step further. Some small businesses ask their social-media followers to tag a friend — or share a post — to enter a giveaway, and that’s a great way to grow an audience. You can also offer a discount code for customer referrals or email signups.
  8. Show your existing customers love. If you already have an established audience, be sure to thank them for their support; a little goes a long way. And don’t be afraid to ask them for reviews and referrals!

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