Should You Let ChatGPT Bots into Your Website

Should You Let ChatGPT Bots into Your Website? Online traffic is essential to keeping your website relevant to search engines. But today, there’s a new factor to consider: AI. After OpenAI released ChatGPT, its usage became an important question. Now, its newest feature, GPTBot, raises more concerns about its online presence. GPTBot is a web […]

10 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas to Supercharge Your Brand

Whether you’re a recent startup, a local business, a nonprofit, or any small organization wanting to reach the perfect audience, cutting through the noise of the digital age is key. Finding marketing solutions for a limited budget might seem daunting, but here are some options that won’t break the bank — in fact, some are […]

5 of the Most Common Mistakes in PPC Campaigns

PPC is a tactic that’s used in search engine marketing or social media advertising to put ads in front of people based on keywords and other forms of targeting. You can either “pay per click” or “pay per impression,” which helps you to drive brand awareness and traffic to your website. Some of the top […]

Web Hosts I’ve Dealt With: Pagely

I am going to start a series of posts where I highlight some of the web hosts that I've dealt with in the past 18 months. First one I am going to discuss? Pagely.

Read this before you hire an SEO agency

Read this post before you spend thousands of dollars on hiring an SEO agency that may or may not help your marketing strategy.

Read this before you start selling online

A few thoughts I have about what you should take into consideration before selling products and services online.