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XTX Creative Media is a freelance digital marketing agency started by Chris Bibbs and Amanda Wolfe. We are a group of independent freelancers joining forces to market our services under a single brand name. We provide website design, graphic design, professional copywriting, social media marketing, and search engine marketing services.

Based in Houston and Dallas, we have established clientele in 16 states, stretching from coast-to-coast with a particular focus on Texas (obviously) and the Southeastern United States.

XTX Creative Media is not a traditional “company”. We’re a team of freelancers that work closely together to give our clients impeccable service and provide high-quality deliverables to improve the digital and visual presence for your company or organization.

We are proud to work with businesses big and small, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations.

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Meet The Team

Chris Bibbs

Web Developer + Graphic Designer + SEO

Amanda Wolfe

Copywriter + Social Media Manager + SEO

Melissa Conkling

Social Media Manager
Social Media Marketing by Mel

John Bogna

Freelance Photography

John Grgurich

Freelance Writer + Blogger

Justin Lynch

Graphic Designer

Terrence Persaud

Web Developer

Asem Sheshtawy

Graphic Designer

Frequently asked questions about XTX

Are you a company?

We are not a company—at least in the traditional sense. XTX Creative Media is a freelance collective of creative marketing professionals based in Texas. While our individual businesses are separate, we market as a unified brand so clients will have a single, go-to agency for all of their digital and print marketing needs.

Are you an online marketplace like Fiverr?

We are not a marketplace. XTX Creative Media is a closed network, invitation-only freelancing group. Each of us hold each other to very stringent standards in regards to quality so that our clients are getting the absolute best service.

What are the advantages you have over a traditional digital marketing agency?

A major advantage with going with XTX Creative Media is that clients are not locked into any cumbersome relationship with a single marketing company. Clients are free able to enter into working relationships with one or all of the XTX Creative Media team. As a result, clients have unparalleled flexibility.

Why choose XTX Creative Media over a service like Fiverr or any other freelancing service?

Don’t get us wrong, there’s a lot of great talent on sites such as Fiverr. However, XTX Creative Media professionals have extensive experience in each of their fields with a proven track record of quality and success.